Now that more than half of businesses in the United States are turning to the cloud, it’s clear that there are some significant advantages of cloud computing. If you are a small business owner and a techie, then you can appreciate the fact that technology is now one of the most talked about isssues for a business.

This comes on the heels of conferences that were being held for cloud computing and the presentation to businesses on why it was such a great idea. The cloud has been paired with just about anything and everything to see if it works together and large organizations are trying to figure out how they can move to the cloud as well, and keep everything safe and sound.

With the age of software on a disc is becoming old news and online portals are becoming mainstream, it’s no surprise that cloud is mainstream for just about everyone, personally, and with small business. Everyone seems to be on board with adopting this new found saviour for their business, all due to the advantages of cloud computing!

advantages of cloud computing

The Basic Advantages of Cloud Computing

Naturally, most businesses just want to know what they are looking at if they make a change to the way they manage their proprietary information.

The biggest concern intially with the cloud was whether or not their proprietary information would be in danger as well as that of their clients. This is why LastPass has been a big deal among other things, and why accountants and health professionals have had concerns all around.

It makes sense that the basic advantages of cloud computing need to be understood so that a business or organization have an understanding as to why they should invest in it and make the switch. Is it just that it will cost less over time? Or, is it that it’s faster and can hold more?

For most it seems that the biggest and most basic advantage is the freedom from the expense of an IT department, and nothing more. Cloud computing firms are reporting that they are seeing an increase in the use of cloud computing all around, but many times for the business owner it’s trying to determine who they can rely on for the best service hands down.

There are now tons of providers as this thing has played out, making it confusing on knowing who to pick to provide service, or who to avoid if anyone at all. Make sense? Did you have the same challenge as well?

Do Advantages of the Cloud Mean Privacy?

While everyone is scrambling trying to figure out whether or not the cloud is a big benefit, the main concern is increase in wireless traffic, and whether or not this puts private information at risk both for households and for businesses.

It seems that with all that information in cyberspace, it has people worried, and rightfully so. Research done by Neovise, shows that more than 52% of organizations are using a public or private cloud network, so there is still a ton of room for those that have not yet made the change.

Many of these businesses, in fact, more than half, are using a variance of cloud services, meaning that they use some public, some private and some are using what is referred to as a hybrid system. Still concerned? It’s definitely a cost cutter in terms of avoiding having your own IT department, but being able to manage information faster and more efficiently for less is even better.

Are you concerned about the changes and you aren’t sure what it means? To learn more about how we can help you at California Computer Services, feel free to contact us HERE regarding the advantages of cloud computing today1

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