Cloud careers are growing which isn’t surprising for 2013, as more and more companies make the switch to migrating all data to the cloud. These careers are growing in IT, simply because not only are more businesses moving to the cloud, but this means that data will need to be managed and watched during high traffic times. Even if there is more data being stored off site, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for management, but rather for more management as a result to make sure everything is intact.

Remember, the cloud isn’t specific to businesses only, but this is also the big switch that government will be making as well. This means that there is a huge need for data to be protected, and to be managed properly and in confidence. This also means that it’s even more important to ensure that there is plenty of manpower to handle the management of the data backup and recovery platform being created to handle tough information overloads or other challenges.

So, what else will cloud careers do for us as a whole? The great news is that because of this switch there will be some new jobs created, and they are going to grow rapidly in 2013 in the  arena of IT. This shift could potentially call for new courses, new degree programs, and for those that have knowledge to step forward and begin teaching others!

cloud careers

Why Cloud Careers Are Near Doubling if Not Tripling

With jobs being such an issue in the US and abroad,the fact that there is a field that is growing rapidly is exciting news. While it may seem like a brand new topic, moving to the cloud started in 2011, and it’s been growing since that time. This means that there is plenty of growth in:

  • Cloud based services 
  • Cloud based infrastructure 
  • Cloud careers of course! 

This is great news for those that were not able to find jobs in their said field, and with the new demand in the marketplace for IT support for the cloud, it’s going to give men and women a chance to get back into the field they love, even if the job is different. Having IT support off site is great and a huge money saver for companies that have made that move to the cloud, simply because there is no need for these businesses to have their own IT department.

It is possible that any of those that lost their jobs a a result of this change, could go out and start working these new jobs that are being create to manage the IT for these new cloud providers and managers. It seems that this is coming at a time when jobs are much needed, and no doubt it’s great news for those that lost their jobs in IT because as technology advances, it would appear that there is less need for the human touch!

What Cloud Careers Help Businesses Eliminate

So, in the process of handling these IT issues and managing these resources properly, what does it eliminate for those that have moved to the cloud? Simply put, there is less troubleshooting, and there is no need to fight the battle with hardware repairs as in times past. That is great news for those that are impatient, right?

Those that are working in IT will be more service oriented, which is much needed regardless of the field. Wouldn’t you say? There is no doubt that this is good news on all fronts, as these cloud careers are being created, and more jobs are on the horizon for 2013 and beyond!

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