Computing in the cloud is driving the search for IT consulting and better management of services. Where are you when it comes to the cloud? Is your small business making the switch to the cloud or are you still trying to manage everything on site, with millions of hard disks, files and paper?

No matter what business you own, you are considering how you can better manage your resources to make things easier for you.  These days, most companies want to know how they can keep fewer records on site, and how they can easily manage their records  while keeping their private information secure as well as that of their clients.

So, is computing in the cloud something you should be doing? Or, do you need to steer clear of this for security reasons? Are servers secure enough to protect your information? What about the management of your services and the time involved? We want to share with you how you can best manage your move to a higher level of cybespace, while managing it properly.

computing in the cloud

Security and Computing in the Cloud

When businesses chat about cloud capability and security they are both a hot topic, but the biggest concern is always the end result and how your clients are being handled. What they want to know is that their information is secure and private.

This is a top priority specifically for:

  1. Healthcare industry 
  2. Government offices 
  3. Financial entitities

Security is always a dominant topic in an age of hacking and digital marketing, but it’s important. Sophisticated servers sound attractive, but in our professional opinion that only works if you have the means to back it up. Can you verify what you put behind your claims?

If your small business is telling clients that their information is secure, then make  sure that you are keeping their information secure with a high quailty server. It’s wise to have your server and network tested to ensure there are no loopholes.

Computing in the cloud has plenty of benefits, but don’t be the last to find out what they are! You can offer the latest and still be secure! Cloud vendors don’t always offer both because they can’t. Be mindful of who you choose! When getting a software-as-a-service, you may be setting yourself up for a major security breach.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Call on California Computer Services if You Want Computing in the Cloud

Remember, if you are working with a vendor that offers software-as-a-service, you may be setting yourself up for security risks. The close relationship you have with that vendor may not make it worth the risk.

It’s most important that you not only have the service but that you also have the ability to protect how they are using that service. It’s not unheard of that CRM software has updated a users information, and in turn that information was released to other parties unknowingly.

If you have a similar business connection it could be great, and be better than Linked In, but if that isn’t the objective, then no, it serves no purpose. Remember, it’s about your client, and how you can serve them best! So, who owns the data? Ah, that is a great question, and it’s time you learn from the experts!

If you want to make sure that your move to computing in the cloud is smooth, and the transition goes as it should, then go HERE to learn more now!

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