Cloud-managed WiFi is now becoming the norm for businesses as keeping costs down is more important than ever, but it’s also a great way to keep your information and data in one place making data management easier than ever too.

Meraki has now added wireless access points which means you can have a better WiFi connection and better speed. Providers like us love Meraki which is why we partnered with Cisco to bring this to your business for ease of use and a smoother transition for the sake of your business.

Cloud solutions are not just for the big corporations for the small business too. No matter what your size is the importance of your data won’t change. This is why we wanted to share with you some details about cloud-managed WiFi and how easy your deployment and management will be of your WiFi connection.

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Why You Want Cloud Managed WiFi With Meraki

If you have been trying to figure out how to make wireless work to your advantage, you’ll love what we have to say about using cloud managed WiFi with Meraki.

As your business changes so do your needs for WiFi. You need to know that as you scale your business up you need more wireless capability too. It has to evolve with you and make it easy for you to operate.

Security needs to be scalable too, which means it needs to be simple. There are several options with Meraki including:

  • BYOD
  • High-Density WiFi
  • Branch Networking
  • Retail Solutions
  • Modern Day Solutions for any business

There are so many reasons to choose Meraki but if you aren’t aware of your options and the necessary equipment you’ll want to make some changes. You also want to be educated on the technologies being used to bring these welcome changes about. These changes cover all of your needs including:

  1. RF Optimization
  2. Mesh Routing
  3. Seamless Mobility
  4. Analytics
  5. More options for WAN and Security
  6. Options for Cloud Networking

With so many options and the service to back it up you’ll discover that working with us at California Computer Services to put your database, files, and more in the cloud is a win-win for you. This is the cloud management you need for multiple access points when your need to meet customer demand increases. This is why the Meraki architecture is so important.

Want another HUGE bonus for using the Meraki architecture and cloud management? If a natural disaster occurs and the datacenter is in danger, all data will automatically be transferred to another datacenter. This is possibly the smoothest transition your business could ever make. You’ll have everything you need to make it happen when you work with us.

Cloud Managed WiFi With Meraki Raises the Bar for Your Business

You now have plenty of reasons to work with us so you can access the services Meraki has to offer. The workload of Meraki will exceed your expectations for workload  more than  you ever imagined.

Cisco’s Meraki has run the race alongside monster size datastores like Facebook and Google and now has 10 billion rows of storage just for you. Meraki is one of the best solutions to come along and now you can access this regardless of the size of your business. If you take your business seriously you need to let us know.

If you are ready to take a peek at cloud managed WiFi with Meraki, CONTACT US today to set up a consultation.

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