System software is going to be a big deal for Qualcomm at the end of the month when Dilma da Silva gives her talk for Qualcomm in Delaware on February 27th. The push for going to the cloud is now catching on, and it’s in the scramble of companies attempting to trim as much from their budget as possible when it comes to their IT strategies and their staff.

What is the easy way to trim the bill? While da Silva may not have that answer, she is giving her presentation this month on this software system for delivering computing services in the most efficient manner possible, and how it all works.

With the migration of data storage, and running services over one network, costs can be cut dramatically. Wouldn’t you say that this would be ideal for any business? Most certainly it is, but some businesses haven’t yet come to realize just how important this really is. What is the magic trick? Da Silva’s talk is going to point out how it will affect the way businesses operate now without it, and how it will change the game once it has been adopted.

If you want to learn more about this system software point of view, then KEEP READING to find out what you could be missing as a small business owner!

system software

What System Software is Being Used for Cloud Computing?

There are some companies that have developed this system software including:

  1. Citrix
  2. Genesyslab
  3. BMC and more

Hardware also plays a part in cloud computing, but ultimately there are many more parts to consider like:

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Software as a service
  • Network as a service
  • Data as a service and more

Users are simply given access to the service, while the clouds working components are what help the applications run. There are plenty of reasons for small businesses to move to the cloud, and with little no cost, it would cut back on costs dramatically to use it. Wouldn’t you agree?

IT operational costs being reduced alone would save any business a substantial amount of money, and before you know it, everyone will be using the cloud system! As we move into a tight economy, this is no doubt a welcome relief for organizations to know that they can cut costs in this way.

The question is, although things run from one place, is it more efficient overall to use it?

Will the System Software Make Things Easier for Employees?

Now that you know a little more about what cloud computing means, does the system software actually make things easier for the employees? Does it make the flow of work more efficient?

Yes, it does from beginning to end. Even if you have just 5 to 10 employees and all they need computers, it’s an ordeal just setting them all up. Let alone that each computer would need it’s own licensed software before the employee uses it. With each new hire comes the repeat of this process which can be tiring no doubt. So this can be minimized with the cloud.

This is why this system software is designed to essentially control everything from one remote location, that is licensed and ready to go without the need to do everything else. Computers, email and more will all be running from one central location, and this is the beauty of the cloud. Make sense?

So, while you may still be trying to digest all of this, just know that all you need to know is that your business can save money, and we can go over this with you again when you call us to get your data storage migrated and get you settled in.

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