Did you know that backup and disaster recovery are not just important for your critical data but for your files, folders, and your applications? We partnered with Axcient to bring you the best protection and the smartest program for your data and network.

If you knew that a mirror of your business locally and in the cloud so that you can access your data from anywhere wouldn’t you feel more secure in the case of an emergency? If you need to access your files, folders, and applications you can’t wait when duty calls.

You won’t need to spend a lot of money for software, hardware and other things you don’t need to do business. Even when your applications are customized you won’t have to worry. We can make sure your servers are covered too. You can be confident that you’ll have the best in disaster recovery for your business when you choose California Computer Services.

We have chosen the best to partner with for backup and disaster recovery so that your staff can remain productive without the worry and hassle of application downtime. After reading today’s post you’ll have no doubt that we are the right choice to help you manage your IT needs.

backup and disaster recovery

What Gets Protected with Our Backup and Disaster Recovery

There several things that need protection when it comes to your IT needs for backup and disaster recovery.  The two most important are categorized as:

  1. Physical
  2. Virtual

Like most businesses you have multiple devices in use all day long. You have your office staff as well as your representatives that are in the field. This means that all of your workstations and laptops will get the protection they need when you have the right IT management in  place.

Once you get to the point where you need to recover the data, you simply get log into Axcient and you can access everything you need including the files, folders and applications.You’ll be able to restore images and much more while in the cloud.

While you may not think you’ll need this either, keep in mind that you’ll be able to restore old files too. Just when you thought you wouldn’t need that older information someone asked you for it. Perhaps you are a B2B company and you share a lot of pertinent information. You need to be able to access your office quickly and  efficiently.

Why it’s Time for You to Focus on Backup and Disaster Recovery

Security for your network is now more important than ever. You have to protect all pertinent information and your business to business connections. You also have to be able to serve your customers and protect their pertinent information too.

Service is tops overall, and should a situation arise that prevents you from accessing your data you cannot serve your clients. It’s imperative that you focus on backing up your network and that you prepare to utilize the cloud to access your old  files when necessary.

You can’t afford to hire just anyone. If you need an overhaul for your backup and disaster recovery, it’s time for you to contact us at California Computer Services.

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