Any small business should fully understand that to minimize risk is important when it comes to their data and disaster recovery. With tons of private information for your business as well as that of your customers, your first concern should always be how to protect that information and guard it closely. This is why California Computer Services is here to share with you what we can do to ensure that you never have to be concerned with backing up your data, and that you are totally prepared for any challenges that lie ahead.

The question is are you properly prepared today? If not, what can we do to help you get ready? Did you know that at California Computer Services, we offer fully managed data backup and recovery to help you minimize risk? We would like to share with you today how we can help your small business stay safe, put you into a state of readiness so you won’t have to panic should something occur!

minimize risk

Your small business needs to minimize risk!

You Can Minimize Risk from Unforeseen Catastrophes

Solid backups are a great way to minimize risk for your small business, in case you weren’t aware of this. In fact, most small businesses leave this as the last thing they think about, which means they are at great risk from day one. Why put yourself in that position?

Should your business experience a system failure you could end up losing years worth of valuable contacts and other proprietary information. Don’t let that hard work slip away! You can protect yourself and you can do it with ease when you allow us at California Computer Services to help you evaluate your current backup system and see what needs to be changed.

If we find that your backups aren’t consistent enough to minimize risk, we step in to help you change that and put it on a consistent schedule. Our goal is to simply ensure that you can keep on task with whatever you have, and that all of your information is safe and sound. Have you experienced data loss already? If so, then we can help guide you through the recovery process to find out what we can do to help you restore what has been lost!.

minimize risk

If you have had data loss we can help you minimize risk in the future

Minimize Risk Starting Now with Our Free Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment

We are ready and waiting to give you a free backup and disaster recovery assessment so that you can begin to minimize risk now! It’s important to take a look at your business environment, so that you have an idea of what needs to be done versus what you have done already.

Did you know that if you do a free assessment with California Computer Services, it will cover the following?

  • Do you have an automatic backup system in place at this time?
  • How often do you backup critical data?
  • Do you follow up with check ups to be sure that your data is being transferred in a non-corrupt fashion?
  • Do you have offsite backup for your critical data?
  • Do you have backups of your software offsite as well?
    • Are you truly prepared for a disaster?
    • If you do have a formal disaster recovery plan, has it been tested?

We can help you by laying out a solid plan to help you minimize risk with this free data backup and disaster recovery assessment. All you need to do is call us today at 916-729-1102, or you can CLICK HERE to contact us now so California Computer Services can help you “minimize risk” starting today!

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