Cloud backup is just as important as whether or not you choose to use the cloud for your business operations. You probably already realize this but you just weren’t quite sure how to get it or who to go to in order to get what you need. No matter what the nature of your small business is, you have a priority to backup your records for finances, contracts, medical records and more.

Every day you store tons of information as you click save, and you don’t even realize just how much data you have access to until something goes wrong. This is why we know the struggle for those that wait until something goes wrong. We believe that it’s best to think ahead and get you protected right now before something does happen. With tons of information stored on your company’s server, you need to know that you are secure and able to function in the case of an emergency.

Whether you face being sabotaged, a natural disaster, or you are dealing with a major hardware malfunction, you need to be able to operate and fully function without interruption. We chose to partner with Vault Logix as one of our resources for cloud backup so that your critical data always stays in a safe place no matter what. Is it just enough to back it up to secure location?

cloud backup

What Cloud Backup Does for You

It’s important to know what cloud backup can do for you before you spend the money. We understand that. Critical business data is exactly what it sounds like. It’s critical!

Scheduled backups run automatically without  any human intervention which is great. However, if you haven’t used this before you wouldn’t be familiar with it. Running on agentless technology is great for Vault Logix, but our job is to explain to you how it works and why so that you are comfortable with the operations being run on a daily basis.

It’s nice to use cloud backup so that you can:

  • Store information at a secure offsite location
  • Run scheduled backups at regular intervals
  • Run backups for Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Utilize a cost effective system for your business

There is never a time you don’t need to be on watch with your business. You need to know that your information is secure and that you can trust the source behind your backup. We understand this at California Computer Services.

Is Vault Logix Cloud Backup Right for You?

There is never enough concern about backup. However, the time is always right for your business to get the protection you deserve when you need it most. No matter how small  you think your business is, you need a world-class backup solution. We believe that Vault Logix is a big part of that.

It is possible for you to get  what you need without more expense than  you were planning. You can store your data offsite and have it backed up to a local appliance. There is no doubt that you’ll have quicker recovery  time as a result which is just what you were looking for. You can also minimize server load and backup time as well when you have the right backup.

If  you are ready to learn more about getting “cloud backup” through Vault Logix, CONTACT US today for more information at  California Computer Services!

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