More news was released about the NSA and their spying on Google and Yahoo, which means data encryption is still at the height of anything discussed in IT circles. While we cannot be concerned about what is happening with the NSA, we can focus on helping you protect your data and that of your clients from every possible angle.

Your small business needs to protect your database and any information that is considered proprietary. It’s essential when it comes to your schools, government office, medical practice, and many others that we serve when it comes to helping protect data. The question you might be asking is how you can do this and how you can do this without spending your entire budget for your daily operations and marketing.

While NSA can crack many of the encryptions available today, there are still many discoveries to be made as technology continues to evolve on a daily basis. Is there an absolute when it comes to computer hacking prowess? You have the right to worry, especially now that you know so many cases are being argued for the sake of protecting what belongs to you. What is that magic formula?

We are going to share with you how you can handle your data encryption, and what steps you can take right now to continue to protect what is rightfully yours and your clients’.

data encryption

Why Data Encryption Key Could be Open Source

Because some larger corporations have worked with NSA on backdoor technologies, is it really safe to embrace publishing of information or even building more databases? This is only to say that commercial encryption technology may not be the way to go. Make sense?

Newer data encryption technology should work with every vendor’s software if possible. This is what we refer to as open source or public-domain encryption. These methods have proven to be the most successful, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to stay on our toes as the NSA or hackers get more savvy.

We thought we would share the latest tools going so that you can get a look for yourself to see what others are using:

  • Truecrypt- This is used for files and file sharing, and covers drives on your PC (the whole drive)
  • GPG- This is used for email communications which is a big deal for most businesses internally and externally
  • TAILS- Works with Linux systems, and is packed with numerous privacy tools (You could be using Tor or Hidden Services as well)
  • OTR- This means off the record messaging, and is now the option most are seeking for instant message communications

Many are still searching for tools they can use overseas, as they are less likely to be accepting of NSA standards. This is why so many have searched for cloud services overseas, just in case!

Need Help with Data Encryption?

Don’t forget that there are still plenty of everyday technologies we use that are being surveillanced daily. Sad as this is, it’s true. Be mindful of what you are using or plan to use until you meet with the experts to help you not only check your network, but to help you decide what direction you should take with your data encryption needs for your privacy and that of your clients.

There is a ton of information out there on privacy, encryption, and it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. We can assure you that every organization doesn’t use the same methods, nor can they. Depending on your small business needs, you may need something completely different from your neighbors. This is why at California Computer Services, we invite you to CONTACT US today, so that we can set up a consultation where we can sit down and assess where you are today, versus where you would like to go in the future.

Please CONTACT US now so that we can help you manage your “data encryption” needs!


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