With buzz about PRISM and NSA, data encryption now captures the news headlines more so than the cloud, IT consulting, and even managed services. It seems that this is the hot spot over war and other news too. However, if you are a business owner, it’s something you have to come to terms with and focus on for the sake of your customers. After all, they want to know how safe their information really is.

Word has it, that Amazon, Microsoft, and even Google as cloud service providers have even ecrypted data to keep it from those who don’t need access. However, word also has it that they are able to capture data bypassing their very own encryption. Hmmmm. It’s something that may puzzle you, and even make you think about whether or not you have encrypted your data properly.

Do you leverage the cloud right now? If so, how do you do it, and do you have a basic understanding of encryption and how it works? Do you understand key management and why you need it? So, what is the key to data encryption and keeping your customers happy?

Understanding How Data Encryption Works

Using the cloud is one thing, but data encryption is just as important so that you can use it and keep everyone safe in the process. If you have entrusted your data to another company, just remember, it won’t work quite the same as it did before. When you have everything in house, you can easily watch over it although time consuming.

Encryption simply assigns characters to the data, and of course, no one without experience would be able to interpret this. However, it’s important that you have someone on board that is able to unlock the data and be able to interpret it for security measures. The challenge is keeping track of it with keys, which means it’s important that someone be able to read them and interpret them at all times. While it’s not super easy, it’s a big task that moves to the forefront of your business and it needs to happen quickly.

So, what is the kicker with this when using the cloud? The law if you will, states that the data must be stored separately from the encryption keys. This has been the case with credit card processing systems, and the companies that offer the service. What else do you need to keep in mind for encryption?

  • Be sure to ask who has access to the keys
  • Ask how many keys are being used
  • Will your key be the same one used by other companies?
  • Where will YOUR keys be stored

These are all important questions to ask, because you don’t want your proprietary information to be at the mercy of others.

Be Watchful with Data Encryption

Now that you know what to ask of your provider, how can you know which provider to trust? Remember, it’s nice to know that your provider will alert you when data is being accessed and when it’s being accessed. It’s your right to be concerned about the privacy of your data, and it’s also good when you can save money. You should also know that you can control those keys on your own.

What you need now is a provider that will explain this to you,but you also need to know that the provider will walk you through the tough stuff and share with you what you need to know to operate independently with your keys.

Your data is a precious asset, what will you do to protect it? If you are searching for a provider, and you are searching for one that is reliable and can walk  you through all of the steps of everything you need to know, feel free to CONTACT US today at California Computer Services to schedule your consultation regarding your data encryption!

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