As data encryption remains a big deal for the country right now, have you heard about the resolution known as quantum encryption? This term may sound foreign to you, but it continues to come up as people are looking for solutions  to protect their data. This is no doubt a big deal in the circles of medical offices and hospitals around the world especially since the NSA debates haven’t died down much.

Because this was originally for government offices only, it wasn’t a mainstream term, now it’s something that has IT folks talking as a solution for everyone. Essentially the idea is that this method of  encryption is “snoop proof”. You may own a banking center or other financial institution, or perhaps you are a physician that has concerns about protecting the privacy of your data.

Either way, you now have another consideration to make. That consideration is quantum encryption, and it’s well worth considering. This cryptography so to speak is now going to be available to smaller institutions. Does this mean that NSA will NOT have the ability to snoop? Well, that isn’t clear just yet, but many organizations have already started implementing this to help keep their customers information safe. Today, we wanted to give you a more in-depth look at this technology, and how it’s changing the game for privacy as we move into a new era.

quantum encryption

Who is Using Quantum Encryption and Why?

If you want to know who is already using quantum encryption, here is a list of the big companies already in motion:

  • MagicQ Technologies
  • Quintessence Labs
  • ID Quantique

These  are just a few, but mobile companies have already set the plan in motion to use this same encryption for mobile phone users. Customers have had concerns with the ability to create passwords on their mobile phones for banking apps and social  accounts. This is one of the things that the investors of these companies have to consider as they dump more money into the pot for their customers in an attempt  to make it as secure as possible for the consumer.

So, what does make this method of encryption  powerful? Perhaps it’s the fact that you can’t listen in to the data without corrupting it. That’s huge. It’s also a fact that these bits can’t be copied, and that is good news for putting customer’s minds at ease. Wouldn’t you say that this is worth the money paid out to be able to tell your patients and customers that their information is safe?

So, how does this technology work? We thought you would like to know!

How Quantum Encryption Works

So, how does this quantum encryption work for you? The technology is really simple yet amazing. It comes with a card that fits right into your server, and  not to mention, it generates a string of random bits. Wow. This also means that it”s important to ensure these bits are random, right? The quantum encryption has you covered, using a laser diode that is fired and hits a reflective mirror. The chances of a photo being reflected is 50%, and then it travels to a fiber-optic communications link.

The next question you probably have is how you can be sure that it’s working. Well, this setup using the laser and the mirror tells the server whether or not the bits reflected are the same. If they are not the same, then we know that they have been hacked. This structure is set up to notify you immediately through the sound of an alarm. You know right away and you can feel comfortable knowing that you have a system in place that keeps you safe and private information intact.

So, who can use this? This technology is really suitable for local area networks as well as data centers are that relatively close to each other. The only real limitation with the technology is that it just can’t be boost, so within 60 miles or so you are good to go. While you can and should expand over time, expansion isn’t out of the ballpark for this.

Are you wondering if you could benefit from this? Do you have stability within your network? If you aren’t sure, then it’s time we sat down and worked through what you are doing right now, and what your needs are for the future. If you would like to learn more about “quantum encryption”, and how it could help you, CONTACT US today at California Computer Services so that we can set up a consultation just for you!

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