The word is that managed services are going to be outsourced to India. According to Telecom Reseller, those that provide IT services and cloud management are going to outsource their work for small and medium sized businesses to India. The news was first heard on the website for ITimpulse, and was shared with permission by Telecom Reseller, but is it true of all service providers?

Not necessarily. In fact. we thought you should know WHY this is happening, and how we intend to do business. As a provider of services to small businesses in California, we believe that it’s important to tell you that we are here to service you, and we believe that it’s best for us to be available to you at all times if we take on your business as a provider.

With the dollar figure rising to nearly 15 billion dollars in the United States, it’s interesting that in India, the costs for the same thing stand at nearly 3 to 4 billion only. So, is that why we need to outsource to India? Here is the information as we understand it, regarding managed services and what is about to change.

managed services

Why Managed Services is Creating Jobs

Even if you didn’t believe that managed services would create jobs, we have to report happily that it should create roughly 350,000 jobs. The question is, can we afford those jobs in this economy?

According to the article on Telecom Reseller, this number indicates that these jobs would increase the demand for work to be outsourced by small and medium sized businesses. This happens for a few reasons including:

  1. It’s cheaper to do so 
  2. Outsourcing IT keeps it off the property 

In addition to the fact that IT management is being outsourced, the government is now supporting electronic storage in India, something that this country wasn’t quite ready to move to entirely.

While you may feel that this isn’t in your best interest, or you fear change, you need to know that we are supporting our customers in California, because we know that from a business perspective we would prefer to keep our services with someone local that we could talk to or pick up the phone and call at anytime if need be.

Isn’t that how a business should be run?

We Can Provide Managed Services

Now that you know more about who is outsourcing their managed services, do you see the opportunity to work with a local business?

Although we may not be in your city, we have been serving the state of California for many years. We believe that personal relationships and good customer service are so important, and without it your business simply cannot operate.

We believe that now is the time to get a consultation booked with us so that you can assure your customers the very best service without any interruptions. It’s simple; all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today at California Computer Services and we will handle your managed services for IT!

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