Technology in 2015 will look a bit different than it has in times past. While this may be in part due to security breaches, keep in mind that most of this is because of managing services properly. Too many small businesses are struggling with managing too many things all at once. You can probably relate to not having enough hours in the day, right?

Technology isn’t easy for everyone to understand, so why is it that businesses are still struggling? Today, we’ll share with you some big ideas on how technology in 2015 is going to change, and other ways that you can prepare to overcome the challenges you face on a daily basis with your small business.

technology in 2015

Technology in 2015 Has a Different Face

While there is a lot changing in the world of technology in 2015, what are the main highlights? Many managed service providers have been trying to offer more to their customers, so what does the list look like?

1. Integration and app marketplaces. Add on services is a big component of what MSP’s are doing these days. Everyone wants to be one stop shopping, and the way to do that is to offer more and go above and beyond. Collaborative sharing has moved to the forefront of every business as ecommerce grows.

2. IaaS prices will continue to drop. If you haven’t seen this acronym before, IaaS, then you should know it stands for infrastructure as a service. Your infrastructure is important because it holds up your business. This is what you run your business on. Shouldn’t you take care of it? If you can’t dedicate time to manage it properly from the inside out, it’s time to outsource.

3.Security. It’s no secret that 2014 had record of more security breaches than ever before. Now it’s time to step up to the plate every chance you get with the best in security. This means running regular updates is essential to the health of your network, and having the right anti-virus is essential too. There’s no time to spare.

4. Managed print whooda whatta? Did you know that the ability to print wirelessly is more attractive than ever? There is no guarantee that you’ll be wireless tomorrow, but the idea is that the more wireless you can be the more efficient you can be.

 5. Cloud computing is the solution. Cloud has brought so much to the marketplace, but now it’s time to consider not only cloud storage but also cloud backup too. Far too many businesses have been spending money on storage solutions when cloud allows you to store offsite and more securely. Can you say endless storage?

What is your small business and what would you do to make it grow quickly and safely? Is there a way for you to get more done in less time while focusing on what you do best?

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