Do you put full trust in your managed service provider? This is the question of the day, as we now know that companies that have used an MSP, have been able to relax a bit on watching for things breaking down.

The good news is that having an MSP is a great way for you to have someone come in and do things right, and do them so well that you don’t have to worry about doing anything else untl  you detect a problem. So, will there be a problem? More than likely if the licensed professionals have come in and helped you fix the issue, ther won’t be anything to fix.

The challenge for most businesses is that they hire someone to come in and fix their network, and then they pay them each month. Because they go through month by month with zero challenges, they then figure that they should cancel the managed service provider.

This is where you can easily go wrong with your business, and putting your network at risk, as well as putting your customer’s information at risk.
managed services provider

What a Managed Services Provider Can Do for You

As a business owner, you can be easily overwhelmed if you don’t have people in place that can assist you in getting things done.

You have plenty to think about and plenty to manage, and with that in mind, it’s difficult enough to have to consider managing another set of staff for an IT department. Most of the time, you’ll agree that no, this isn’t what you want to do and no you can’t afford it.

The last thing you need to deal with is:

  1. Employee turnover 
  2. Management of more staff
  3. Adminstrative overhead 
  4. Other expenses 

This is why it’s wise to interview and then carefully select a managed services provider that understands your needs and will give you a thorough evaluation. Every buiness can use an “outside-the-box” solution, and no matter how small or large your business is, you’ll be headed in the right direction.

How can California Computer Services benefit you?

What We Do as Your Managed Services Provider

There are many critical steps that we take during the process of becoming your MSP. This means that we:

  1. Review your internal capabilities so we can determine how we can best help you
  2. Evaluate the skill sets of internal staff 
  3. Make a checklist of what you need to focus on 

Additionally, we offer the Watchnet Program to ensure that all is running properly and that it’s running efficiently without interruption so that your customers don’t have to wait.

If you choose our firm, you’ll have access to the following:

  1. Skilled technicians
  2. Sound resources
  3. Around the clock monitoring of your network
  4. Health and diagnostic checks 
  5. Testing for vulnerabilities in the network 
  6. Check and repair security breaches 
  7. Ensure that server databases are replicating as scheduled 
  8. Trouble-shoot user related problems and more

There is still much more to consider, but this is about keeping you secure while you take care of your customers. If you would like to speak with us about being your managed service provider, simply go HERE to contact us today!



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