Is managed services software dead? Rather, refer to remote monitoring and management if you want to see something that may be drifting away. Kaseya and Level Platforms have both been purchased according to an article pubished recently in MSPmentor.

The market has been moving to managed services in the cloud, which means these companies discovered that they needed to diversify. The need for moving to the cloud is strong where everything can be managed in the same place, and this also means that Window’s based PC management is done. Without the versatility needed to manage in the cloud, these companies have to consider something  much bigger.

If you have any doubt, there are several big moves that occurred recently as a result of all of the changes, and the world of IT consulting and managed services has taken notice.

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Big Moves for Managed Services

Among the big moves for managed services include:

  1. Insight Venture Partners buys Kaseya
  2. AVG buys Level Platforms
  3. Solar Winds by N-able Technologies
  4. ConnectWise, LabTech, Quosal, are pitching Modern Office Suite
  5. Summit Partners buys Continuum
  6. GFI buys Backup Software 
  7. LogMeIn buys MSP Suites 
  8. Dell buys Quest 
  9. CA Technologies buys Nimsoft 

These moves were big enough that they are noteworthy among those that are in the business. We keep up on what is going on in our industry so that we can serve you better, and makes no mistake that a lot of these firms run the show for big box retailers and rather large corporations all around the world.

We believe that you deserve big service even if you are a small business. You’ll use all of the same technology and programming, but just on a smaller scale. So, the question becomes, did the consultants you deal with work out a long-term strategy?

Long Term Strategy for Managed Services

When it comes to making the switch to the cloud, it’s all about proper management by the right team. There is no doubt a need for management of your network and other services whether you are in the cloud or not. Making the switch however, means that you’ll need:

  1. Careful handling during data migration
  2. Assessment of traffic in your network and needed adjustments 
  3. Network testing and optimization
  4. Health check and diagnostics 
  5. Analysis of network vulnerabilities 
  6. Update on virus protection 
  7. Checking for communication errors 
  8. Trouble shoot user related problems 
  9. and much more 

These are all important for your business to run smoothly, and the last thing you need is an interruption in service. It’s important that you have the right professionals performing these tasks for you, so that you don’t have to worry should a disaster arise.

If you haven’t been getting the service you deserve or you are searching for a new team to help you do just that, then it’s time to give California Computer Services a call. We believe that you deserve the very best, and you also deserve attention to detail when it comes to your network and all of the changes that are coming.

Are you prepared?

If you are in need of managed services for your network, or you would like a consultation to see where you stand with your current network, feel free to CONTACT California Computer Services today 916-729-1102.

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