Did you hear the latest news on managed services? More than likely, you have been watching closely waiting for something to change as everyone is chasing the cloud and moving to outsourcing their IT management. However, Dell made some serious changes as they put their Packetrap RMM product on the shelf and laid off tons of staff. What does it mean for the outlook of the market in IT management?

Vendors are consolidating, which means that the economic outlook of this market is changing and it’s doing so quickly. Dell had announced that they were interested in capitalizing on the market for managed services, and in doing so they decided to shelve their apps so they could be more hands on. Does it seem like there is an ulterior motive just because you NEED to outsource?

It’s something to think about, but all in all could it be that even if you did house your own IT department that it would still cost you more in the long run? Could you afford to have your own IT department, and add more staff to payroll as well as payout benefits? Dell shelved their products because they didn’t see the long term benefit for them, but what does this mean for you?
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Why Dell Canned Managed Services Tools

The beauty of standalone managed services tools is that they can be handy, especially if you are using applications as a business owner to help you keep an eye on things. However, the idea makes your life easier but it doesn’t create much revenue for the company behind the creation.

As a business, Dell has to consider:

  • How they can produce innovative products and generate revenue
  • How they can provide services for their customers that make them the “go to” operation
  • How they can remain the first and only option for those companies that need large hands on management for their services

Dell had to consider keeping the services that they can generate revenue from monthly, and as a business that provides those services we understand. We don’t create apps so we are in a different position. However, we offer  the managed IT services so that you can come to us as a small business.

California Computer Services is successful and we are service oriented, however we are NOT interested in handling the job for a big box retailer. In the grander scheme of things, it’s wise for you to work with a company for our IT management that can handle the size of your operation, and Dell is more than likely not the right match for you.

We don’t know. We do want you to know what you’ll be facing as you consider outsourcing your IT needs and trimming your budget to help your business continue to flourish while continuing to serve your customers each day.

Finding the Right Fit for Managed Services

Did you know that now many vendors are working on automation software? Whether or not this solves your problem with managing your IT is tough to say. We aren’t sure just yet if automation software will right for anyone as these changes are happening in the marketplace.

A managed service provider is still currently the answer, and that is what we can do for you. We aren’t creating fancy applications or software programs, but we can tell you is that we can help you manage your data migration and make a move to the cloud which is less painful.

If you would like to learn more about how California Computer Services can assist you with managed services, CONTACT US today!

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