Managed services are changing with everyone moving to the cloud, and now Microsoft is next in line for a big change. With updates coming for these managed services, they are getting ready to take over the managed services for Auto Task.

While there is a bit of uneasiness about the move to manage things for AutoTask. While they are a partner with Microsoft, they believe that Auto Task could do a better job with their services in the cloud. Who couldn’t do better with the cloud? It seems with so many businesses ramping up, that we need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, and how to really serve the end client.

You are our client, which means we do everything possible to ensure that you can take care of your clients. Isn’t that what you deserve? The way Microsoft sees it, Auto Task needs to be friendlier when it comes to servicing with the cloud, and as a result , they are offering all employees a one year subscription for free for cloud service.

Is this the best way to teach them how to become cloud friendly in order to serve their clients better?

managed services

Can Managed Services Providers Streamline Operations?

The whole goal of Microsoft is to teach Auto Task how to provide the best in managed services to their clients while learning how and WHY they play such an important part in how they can help their clients play a more important role in provide service in the cloud.

As businesses have been moving toward the cloud, the thought was to reduce cost, but once more business turned to the cloud and retailers like Amazon were ramped up with everything in the cloud, the traffic was so heavy that the airwaves seemed to be congested.

Is this dangerous? Not really, in fact, it was showing that the cloud was the answer for businesses that no longer wanted to store all of their information on site. This meant that a business no longer needed to worry about:

  1. Storing paper files 
  2. Storage on hard disks 
  3. Storing flash drives 
  4. A full IT departement thus boosting payroll

It’s hit or miss for each business, but even for doctors this was a stretch when it comes to HIPAA. If you haven’t seen the patient portals, then you might be surprised to learn that yes, they exist and all medical records are going to cyberspace where they can be accessed by the government.

Are you worried about the ability to manage your change to the cloud? Do you have concerns about your IT needs and whether or not you are adequately prepared for an emergency or some form of disaster?

We Can Help With Managed Services

Do you need help with managing your move to the cloud? Do you need to get better prepared for what lies ahead with your business? If you are asking these important questions right now, we can help you answer them.

At California Computer Services, we take you through an assessment to be sure that we can meet your needs, and that we have addressed all of your questions. We know how vital it is that you can serve your clients quickly and efficiently, and we intend to help you do this.

If you are looking for more information on how we can assist you with managed services, please go HERE to contact us today!

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