As a small business owner, we hope that you understand your need for managed services. Whether you have accepted the fact that you can’t do it all, or you need reassurance that outsourcing is your best option, keep in mind that IT operations can be quite burdensome.

When you pick up the phone and you call vendors, what is the first thing they tell you? Are these vendors helping you or are they really telling you that they have qualifications as a marketing tool? Every vendor is different, offering “flat rate services” while others are going to offer you “custom packages”.

Is offloading your IT needs off to someone else a good idea? Today, we’ll share with you why managed services are a good idea for the small and large business, and the services that we offer you around the clock to help you run your business like a well-oiled machine.

managed services

A Brief History on Managed Services

If you aren’t sure where you stand just yet on IT managed services then it may help you to get a little bit of history about this and how it came to be. Most vendors that wanted to help with IT challenges were struggling with providing all of the necessary tools at all times.

Although there was a huge need there, keep in mind that most networks were built by an individual. This meant that they knew how to fix it, but a one man show isn’t the best way to offer a fix when something breaks.

This is why fixing things as they broke was the only way to approach IT challenges. However, things have changed and now there are companies like California Computer Services that are dedicated to being a managed service provider. When things came up the standard procedure was to:

1. Go onsite and fix only what was needed.
2. System review of logs and user information.
3. Checklist of reviews including log usage and processes being run on the network.
4. Call a vendor when something went wrong, but issues could only be viewed on the same day they occurred.

Backup is important every day, and it’s also important that you are able to identify problems when they first occur so that they can be fixed right away. What if you had someone to monitor your network around the clock and let you know when something isn’t quite right? Do you have an on-site technician? What would it cost you to hire one to keep on staff? Ah, herein lies the problem.

This is why so many small business owners are opting to outsource the management of their network and systems to vendors that are equipped to handle this. Thankfully, most Fortune 500 companies were the first to begin outsourcing these needs in an attempt to help them get things fixed as quickly as possible.

This set a good example for everyone else. Regardless of the size of your business you can’t do anything alone. What can you do right now to help your business function without interruption? If you need help making a decision on managed services for your small business, please CONTACT US today at California Computer Services.


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