The name Wales and West Housing may not mean much to you, but Meraki shared a story about them and how it could teach you the importance of protecting your enterprise network.

We work with small businesses every day in California, but there are tons of stories that Meraki has to share about clients they have served the world over. In this case it’s Wales and West Housing which makes homes affordable to families in Wales.

With more than 17,000 residents, this organization needed to find a way to enhance their living experience. How did it happen? The goal of the British government is to get everyone online and consistently by the year 2020. What does this have to do with you?

This particular story shared by Meraki will share with you how important it is that you have the ability to get everyone in your network online with your business and help them stay online once they log on!


Protecting Your Enterprise Network Just Got Easier

Many of the residents that get affordable homes through Wales and West Housing don’t have internet. Times are changing and times are calling for internet and better connections.

The British government is pushing for what they call “digital inclusion”, which makes it possible for everyone to get internet access and to increase their digital skills.

With so many things moving to an online platform, there isn’t much time left to waste to get everyone online as quickly as possible.

This is big for housing associations because they not only want to provide a good way for families to buy good homes that they can afford, but they want to ensure that these families are getting good internet access.

This means that Wales and West Housing would be able to give access to the following:

  1. Staff
  2. Residents
  3. Guests

With traditional architecture the internet connection they currently have just doesn’t work. Running a business on a small or large scale requires a solid internet connection that runs at high speeds so there is no lag time in production.

A housing association, Realtors, and builders need to be able to upload photos, sketches, and show slideshows without delays. With a housing association of any kind, you have to consider the bigger scheme of things. This means budget considerations for controllers as well as a VPN satellite operation.

A VPN in most cases for a business like this allow staff to work from home, and to work on the same network as the company. This means files, data, and software are all accessible just as if they were in office.

When WWH first heard about Meraki, it was 2012. The relationship was a perfect one to come together, and it was just in time to help WWH expand their horizons and present more opportunity to their residents.

Isn’t that why you focus on protecting your enterprise network?

We are your source for small business needs, and assessing your wireless needs will help us determine what can be done to meet your budget as well as help you run your business to meet your demands.

Do you need multiple wireless access points? Could you use a bit more bandwidth? Would you like to be able to manage your connections from one dashboard? If so, then it’s time for you to CONTACT US today at California Computer Services.

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