Did you know that secure WiFi is something you can use to build your business? While it may not be a central component of your business, keep in mind that it is a certainly a foundation. You use it every day, but what about your customers?

What if you gave your customers just one more reason that they could come and do business with you? Ah, now you understand what we are trying to tell you. It’s all about making your business more attractive to the customer.

It isn’t always about the best price or even the best looking decor. Somewhere along the line you have to understand where you are in the cycle of your business and what is trending. This is why digital tools always win the day when it comes to your business and bringing it to a new level of prosperity.

Today, we want to share with you how you could benefit from choosing secure WiFi with guest access with Meraki by Cisco. We’ll share with you what this is, and how it could become the turning point for your business with a few suggestions!

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What Secure WiFi Can Do for You

Did you know that secure WiFi isn’t just about giving your customers access to your internet connection? This is about giving guest access so that your customers can come in and feel right at home.

Think about the age of the coffeehouse and how it’s changing people’s view of the business establishment and customer relationship. You are a consumer even if you own a business, and you know what your experiences were like.

Didn’t you prefer to go to a place that offered you WiFi? Here is what changes with customer dynamics when you can offer them guest access on your secure network:

  • Customers believe that you care about their needs and not just their ability to spend money with you
  • Customers like to feel welcome in your establishment at all times
  • Creating a place that is comfortable and welcoming changes their outlook
  • Creating a place where people can connect for various reasons

Overall, what you are doing is creating an environment that is not just welcoming, but one that is also helping people connect with others that are likeminded. You can become a social hub, and all the while you are creating more opportunity to do business.

It is never a bad thing when you put others first. Just remember that if you offer WiFi that you allow guests to use that you always continue to add value to that. As you continue to provide for the customer’s needs and wants, you’ll begin to see the difference in how you interact with them on a regular basis.

How Secure WiFi Can Help Your Business

Meeting your customer’s needs is important, but it’s also important that you are able to get what you need as well. This means that you are able to link up your WiFi with your PoS, and that you are able to create an integrated login for users. This approach allows users to login using Facebook or other social media logins.

Guests want ease of use, and if you can give it to them, you’ll win every time. Do you have the right WiFi service now? It doesn’t have to be difficult to change it. All you need is the right tools to get the job done.

If you would like to learn more about how secure WiFi with guest access from Meraki can help you, please CONTACT US today at California Computer Services so we can schedule your consultation.

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