Have you experienced network security with Meraki? Meraki, by Cisco is now storming the world of WiFi and it’s getting attention. The world of mobile apps is gaining steam as you know. This means that your business will be using mobile apps for business on a regular basis. This also means that now you will need to incorporate that into your daily business routine.

Mobile apps make doing business easier but this also means that you’ll be more productive and increase your bottom line. Productivity is the key to getting more clients and keeping them by keeping them happy. If you can do this you can’t go wrong. If your network is truly in the palm of your hand is it secure enough?

This is why the new thing for Meraki is the dashboard for mobile apps, switching, and security. Whether you go mobile or not you need security to protect your network so that you can serve your clients on a regular basis without interruption. How does network security with Meraki really make a big difference in your business?

Today, we are going to share with you what they have to offer, and you’ll fully understand why we believed it to be beneficial to partner with them!

network security with meraki

About Network Security with Meraki

The Meraki dashboard app is designed to work well with the Android and iOS. This means that you can easily manage your network on the go. With a business, big or small you won’t get everything done in your office. It’s nearly impossible when you get interrupted on a regular basis.

The ability to work on the go is great, but managing your network means a lot too. You need to be able to:

  1. Monitor your network
  2. Switch up your network
  3. Deploy certain functions of your network

This is all important for you to function at your optimal level to ensure that you don’t get unnecessary interruptions. This is one of the reasons that network security with Meraki is becoming the popular choice for the small business owner. You can also take a peek at how much of you rnetwork you are using just in case you need to make changes.

Have problems with network outages? You can get the push button notification that you need when you choose Meraki. When you need to deploy something, you can easily scan your AP barcode to add it to your network. The camera isn’t just for taking photos of your family either. You can use the camera feature to add the AP mounting location.

Need to make sure that you have the AP location? If you want to know where it is all you need to do is activate the GPS. This is possibly one of the easiest management systems you could use to keep your networks secure. Security isn’t just about anti-virus programs. Security is about ensuring your network is prepared around the clock.

You Need Network Security with Meraki

We can talk about the benefits of monitoring your network and making deployments as needed, but you should know that you can also troubleshoot with Meraki too. You need this when you wish to verify that your network is connected properly or when you want to keep tabs on output. This does just about everything to help  you keep your small business running like a well-oiled machine. It’s the behind the scenes stuff with your network that makes it easier than ever.

We hope this helps you understand why we chose to partner with Cisco and why we suggest you look at choosing Meraki to help you manage your infrastructure. If you are interested in learning more about network security with Meraki feel free to Contact Us today for more information.

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