Ransomware is now an every day topic of discussion, not to mention it’s getting worse. Just when you thought the problem was over and the world got quiet about these viruses you find yourself looking for more new ways to protect your small business.

What can you do?

Authors of these attacks are now getting more skilled and more targeted to get what they want. The key for these authors is that they continue to improve upon the file-encrypting programs that they write.

These are no longer for Windows either, but they are also being created for Android. Is it possible to avoid the nightmares?

Today, we’ll share the biggest threat for Windows users, and how you can get your small business up to speed with the right protection.

The Latest Threat in Ransomware

You may be using Android for certain applications, but you should also know that Windows users are the most highly targeted user out there for ransomware.

Authors of these deadly programs are now becoming more sophisticated and more aggressive. One of the most sophisticated programs to date just hit Window’s users in January.

This virus known as CryptoWall is malicious and demands payment in the form of cryptocurrency. Now that cryptocurrency is going mainstream, you may not be surprised that this is happening.

The files being targeted are not restricted to one form of file, but rather a large number of files. With untrackable algorithms being utilized, it’s difficult for authorities to find the creators and shut them down.

For nearly two months, this virus lay dormant, only for it to crop up again and cause your small business to take notice. This two month hiatus was more than likely a way to hush the buzz until a better more deadly virus could be created.

It’s unknown, but it caught the public off guard. The spike hit mid January and is still running strong as users of Windows are trying desperately to figure out how to get rid of it or prevent it altogether.

Here is what we know at California Computer Services:

1. Your network needs the proper assessment to make sure there are no loopholes for attacks to get through. This relates to your software and your hardware.

2. File-encrypting is important. It must be done right otherwise the files can be rewritten.

3. These attacks are hitting both Windows and Android users. CryptoWall is hitting Windows only.

4. Your virus/malware protection should be evaluated to make sure it suits the unique needs of your business.

5. You’ll need firewall planning and policy to ensure all things are done correctly.

6. Intrusion prevention is an absolute must. Stop the problem before it starts. We can help.

If you aren’t prepared, you’ll get attacked every time a virus comes down the pike. Are you ready? Your network is critical, and your files for your business as well as those for your customers are the lifeblood of your business.

Isn’t it worth protecting the best of what you have?

The level of unique users per day being affected is far too many. Isn’t it time to get ready?

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you prepare against ransomware, please CONTACT US today to schedule your consultation.


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