While things heat up in the world of malware for your small business, the latest form of ransomware, “Bad Romance” is now the new kid on the block and it’s just as vicious as the rest of these viruses.

While these professional virus creators are great at what they do, they have now decided to use any and all loopholes to exploit the virus as much as possible.

This means that other viruses are able to act as a catalyst for this vicious form of malware. Decryption keys are promised if the ransom requested is paid. This ransom amount could be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

While most of the demands are for payment in Bitcoin, most of the Bitcoin requests are made only on the Window’s operating system. While CryptoWall is making progress, other names are being dished out before you can keep up with them.

How can you make sure you know what’s next when it comes to ransomware?


Breaking the Chain of Ransomware

Ransomware is now believed to be the top notch malware among all computer viruses. Locking down important data, these branches of the virus are stopping individuals and organizations in their tracks.

The key experts believe is finding a place to break the chain and preventing it altogether. How does this happen?

1. Block phishing emails. Emails are opened every day and every second. It’s hard to stop them, but if someone can it’s a great start.

2. Blocking connections to malicious content. It’s common sense that you don’t go to websites where you normally wouldn’t go, and you shouldn’t click in links that you normally wouldn’t click. However, many people do out of habit when they see something that interests them.

3. Stopping malicious processes. Processes are what make things go around. Without systems and processes, nothing works. This is no different with IT support. If you don’t have the right protection in place to stop malicious processes from these viruses you’ll discover that files won’t be able to be captured. It’s important that you know how to stop this process and what you can stop it with. Don’t allow your data to be held hostage.

Researchers have now been focusing their efforts on developing protection so big that not even other researchers can detect it. It’s amazing that a virus so complex could be prevented by complex tools and creations.

The question is, are you protected? Do you have the proper virus protection in place to make sure that this does not happen to you? Your small business could be affected by big problems if you are NOT ready.

Are You Prepared Against Ransomware?

Now that you know this problem is growing every day and becoming more malicious, how will you take precaution? Whether your operating system is Windows or Android, the threats are no less important.

It’s vital that you get prepared before something goes awry. If you are not sure as to whether or not your system is protected against this vicious ransomware, please CONTACT US today at California Computer Services to set up your consultation for your small business.

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