Small business security needs are often underestimated by managed services providers around the country. California Computer Services understands that your security needs are no less important than that of larger organizations.

While you may have 100 employees or less, that doesn’t mean that your security needs are any less important than that of large organizations. Trend Micro, one of our vendors that we rely on heavily for help in this area knows that your small business is anything but small.

In fact, a recent survey that they performed proves that the need is strong for the small business owner to put their security needs at the top of the list. Information they gathered from more than 300 small businesses helped them determine what is most important when it comes to protecting the small business.

What are some ideal security solutions? Today, we’ll share with you what Trend Micro discovered, and how you can take your small business security into your own hands and protect your business. small business security

Small Business Security Needs Ideal Solutions

Problems deserve solutions, and security can be a real problem if you don’t have a solution. If you could have the ideal security in place, what would it be?

1. Employees working remotely is now more popular which means they need security.

2. Mobile yet flexible security is needed, and it must be readily available.

3. Cloud applications must be in force. Features that include functionality for your mobile devices is important, because employees working remotely are going to need the mobile feature.

Small business security needs have changed, and that means that the ability to be mobile is uber important. Support for mobile workers is also needed, but security is always the number one priority.

Why wouldn’t it be? Trend Micro found out with their survey that this was indeed the most important feature of security for the small business in 2015. The question is, is it just as affordable as the old standard solutions? Even if you didn’t think it was, antivirus is four times more important than any other component of your network and infrastructure. What else follows this, or should on your shopping list?

An Agile List of Small Business Security

When you look at the list of priorities for your small business security, you should prioritize. What comes next after deploying your security? The list should be as follows:

1. Firewalls

2. Antispam/ Email security

3. Mobile device management and security measures

Your small business has plenty of needs that go beyond the deployment of security. While breaches are at the top of the list for 2015, there are other aspects of your business that need attention from a security perspective.

Hosted email security is a big deal these days, with tons of viruses hiding within attachments and adware that appears to be completely harmless and legitimate.

Web security and security for cloud applications is an absolute must. What could be more important that running your business with the right security in place?

If you are looking for answers for your small business security needs, please CONTACT US at California Computer Services today to set up your consultation with an expert engineer!

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