Cisco is a name that all small businesses think of when it comes to their computer network, but what if I told you that Cisco is redefining its own business? Not a bad idea when they are serving tons of businesses today and they are looking for ways to serve them better. With reports of record earnings, could it get any better for this company than it is right now?

This is why Cisco is striving to uphold their business and add to what they already do right now. The key for them is moving to the cloud, or so they say.It was amazing to see that this company still experienced an increase over the past 5 years while many other companies did not. So, how does this company intend to maintain momentum is the question?

This is why tons of networking companies and internet service providers are moving to the  cloud. Keeping cost down is important for all of them, but moving to the cloud is the key for many companies cutting their cost. When the provider cuts costs, this is great news for small businesses. Because we do business with them, it is a great thing to hear!

So, instead of just providing hardware, what do they bring to the table in 2013?


Cisco Offers Platform with Cloud Management Platforms

With so many changes for Cisco, there is no doubt a close look at how they choose to do business. To keep momentum, they are changing with the times, and looking toward the cloud.

John Chambers, the CEO, recently made the statement that he is pressing to be the #1 IT company, period. It’s a great goal for them, and with the cloud becoming the way of managing computer networks, it’s all that he can think about right now.

Every time a market grows in the world of business, they get a chance to spread their wings. Now that all companies are looking at ways to save, this cloud computing topic is exploding. Migrating data storage off site and managing it outside of the business does the following:

  • Provides cost savings to the business 
  • Allows the business to focus on serving their clientele
  • Allows the business to focus on marketing their product 
  • Allows the business to allow the experts to handle the IT, rather than spend more hiring for an IT department on site 

The CFO also agrees that using the cloud is a big part of what helps the company drive earnings. Because we offer and service the Cisco products, we agree that it’s a smart move for them, and it’s helping them to become the company for other small businesses to look to for everything.

So, instead of seeing switches and other parts, what can you expect now from Cisco? Simply put, you can easily expect to see everything move to virtual. It’s the digital age, so it’s no surprise that more businesses are looking for the virtual way of handling business. The less on site that you have, the more service oriented the business truly becomes!.

There are other smaller brands that the company has purchased including:

  • Cloupia
  • Meraki
  • yCider
  • Cariden and more

Now that you know where Cisco is headed, CONTACT us for more information about what we can do to make sure your business continues to move smoothly, and how we can help you manage your networks for you!

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