Windows XP is going to expire in April. While this could affect the system you are using in your business it’s time to think about how it could affect you if you are using XP for your ATM machine. You could be a small hometown bank with an ATM, and if you are be assured that most ATM’s are using the XP operating system.  While this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t work, it does mean that it’s wise to be aware that they are at risk.

It’s harrowing to think that ATM’s can be easily hacked, but this is the case if your ATM hasn’t been upgraded. The other alarming fact is that patches aren’t being made to protect these ATM’s, which means hackers already know about it. This means that keeping XP is dangerous, there is no other way to say it. It’s too much of a risk for your bank and for your customers.

With the month of April right around the corner, it’s well worth it to start planning ahead right now before it’s too late. This means it’s time for a change and that means upgrading out of Windows XP, so that the chances of the public waiting for stacks of cash to come out is slim to none!

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Why Windows XP is Like the Titanic

There is no doubt concern over Windows XP because Terence Devereux from the business line of Wincor Nixdorf says that this scenario is like the Titanic. He also says that the main difference between this and problems with that massive ship is that everyone is already aware that it’s coming down the pike.

Sure, there is plenty of media excitement about this warning on ATM’s, but it’s highly unlikely that those that would hack into one are going to stand watch over it by night or camp out nearby for the next days events. However, if owners of ATM’s choose not to upgrade out of the XP operating system, it could be putting everyone at an increased risk.

The key here is that they don’t necessarily need to get out of XP altogether but that they can do upgrades to make it easier than spending money on an entirely new program. Does that make sense? It’s just important for ATM owners to be aware that their  machines run on this system, simply because more than 90% of them do.

Here is what we find troubling, and keep in mind that this is from our point of view as a company that focuses on helping businesses secure their network and protect their operating systems and software:

  • According to the survey for ATMIA, only 38% of those that responded said that they would make the change from Windows XP by the deadline
  • Just under 20% said that they were planning to wait until after 2014
  • Nearly 20% more were completely undecided

Those numbers are numbers we find alarming simply because they are so low, but they are also coming from business owners. These owners don’t seem to be too concerned about it which is even more alarming.

While banks are still talking about recovering from the financial disasters of 2007 and 2008, they do need to come to the understanding that they don’t want to repeat that same fiasco in a different situation.

The Deployment from Windows XP for ATM’s

If you are the owner of what we would refer to as a fleet of ATM’s, then it’s something not to be taken lightly. You have to look at them as individual machines which all need great care and attention. This means that they need to be tested from head to toe because they stand alone.

There is new software that can be deployed but it’s not going to happen in one day. This deployment takes time and energy to look over. The cost is another concern simply because  the deployment takes time and money to put into action. The older the network the ATM is on, the more work it takes. This would mean it has to be done at each ATM site.

Don’t leave your ATM’s to chance, and the risk of being hacked with malicious code. You need to get ready for major changes now and see them through. If you need expert advice and a plan to make the switch from Windows XP, CONTACT US today at California Computer Services!

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